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The Entire Series

So, here's my take episode-to-episode.

"The Shooting Star She Saw"
Episode one

Five children depart their colonies for Earth in an operation to removes despots from power. Four land without incident, but Heero Yuy is intercepted in flight.

Without the corny narration in the beginning, this would have been a fine episode. The musicians didn't score this very well, further dragging this down. Also, the dialogue from the Specials is kind of weird in translation. Luckily, when this aired, I had to miss it, meaning I started watching from episode two on. Good thing, because this one would have turned me off from the series.

Episode two: "The Gundam Deathscythe"

The entrance of Duo is nothing but cool, but the thoughts and actions of Relena are puzzling. At this point of the series, she hasn't fully grown up from a fantasy world. Heero, I take it, isn't ready to deal with with her. The result is a series of amusing conundrums.

Favorite Episode

For me, the series really got interesting in episode four: "The Victoria Nightmare." The interactions between Noin and WuFei were intense, and overall, the major players start acting like people in this episode.

Check your guns at the door, then put them back in the holster. It's dangerous- don't just come in unarmed!