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Cast Biographies

On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of Operation Meteor.


Heero Yuy (01)

Alias: Heero Yuy
Age: 16 as of AC196
Height: 156cm / 5'1"
Birth place: L1 Colony
Weight: 45 kg / 99lb
Ethnic Origin : Japanese
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Prussian Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Known Family: Dr. J

Heero Yuy (name subject to alternate spellings), is a colony orphan raised alternately by a contract killer named Odin Lowe, and a defense scientist named Dr. J. Heero was raised to take part in Operation Meteor in the year After Colony 195, piloting the mobile-suit Wing Gundam. This he did within a cell containing only himself, with occasional oversight from Dr. J.
Heero originally went in ignorant of the existence of other cells from different colonies, but quickly ran into another such agent, one Duo Maxwell, shortly after enrolling in the Saint Gabriel Institute.
Heero managed to outlive the operation, and his oversight, and has since blended into the general population. His whereabouts were then unknown, baring transient contacts, until the Christmas Uprising of 196 brought him out of hiding. He once again disappeared after the destruction of his gundam.

For extra information, please check the Allies page for links to alternate dossiers on this subject.


Duo Maxwell (02)

Age: 16 as of AC196
Ethnic origin: American
Place of birth: Sweepers group near L2 colony cluster
Eye colour: Indigo
Hair colour: Chestnut brown
Height: 156cms
Weight: 43kg

Duo Maxwell is an orphan from L2. We understand he grew up in a street gang until the Maxwell orphanage adopted him. Information about the Earth Sphere Alliance's involvement is sketchy, but it is reported Duo and his gang fought a brief street war with the occupying forces over scarce food supplies, until the Alliance took more draconian
measures, and infected the slums with a children's disease. Reportedly, Duo personally recovered the antidote, though this may just be legend.
In any case, we have no doubt he survived this event, and another clash with rebels shortly before the destruction of the orphanage.
Shortly after, the kid joined the ranks of the Sweeper Group, under the leadership of one Professor G.
Duo then demonstrated enough piloting skills to take part as a one-man cell in Operation Meteor, with a mobile-suit called the Gundam Deathscythe. He survived the operation to take ownership of his own junk business, based on L2. Notably, he's the lightest of the gundam pilots in terms of weight. This can be attributed to his compulsive personality, but this is merely conjecture.

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If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.

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