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Welcome Oriental

This is a supplimental fansite for my original Angelfire project. This one is meant to be more conventional than the other. Consider this the boring spouse of the two.

On this fansite, I'll include the obligatory profiles, time line, and general history of the program, as well as the usual musings that come with such things. I'll earnestly try making this special, but I fully acknowledge this won't surpass the similar sites by any large measure.
This will, however, mesh well within a cohesive community rival sites aren't supported by.

Please let me know if you share my enthusiasm or enjoy my site!


This artwork of Une and her young ward was collected by AJ Talon. Any blame for copyright infringement should fall on him. I'll gladly testify against him to save my own hide, okay? I know of the plea-bargaining process, and I'm not afraid to rat.

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