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Cast Biographies

On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


Trowa Barton (03)

Not much was known about this pilot until he started piecing together his own past near the end of hostilities near the end of AC195. We knew
he was not the real Trowa Barton, but not much else until very recently.
We've compiled the facts that he was born Triton Bloom, son of a circus family that was killed in a bomb attack in AC180. The kid, now known as Trowa, survived to join one of the various mercenary groups as a LEO mobile-suit pilot named Nanashi. Not much is known definitively about this period of his life, except the contents of a brief frantic report from an Earth Sphere Alliance Intelligence field agent named Midii Une. Her account reveals that Trowa's unit was betrayed to the Earth Sphere Alliance in AC190, yet managed to perform a fighting retreat against overwhelming odds. Shortly after, Trowa disappears to the L3 colony cluster.
By AC194, he shows up as a mobile-suit mechanic for the Barton Foundation, within their Gundam department, headed by Professor S.
Within the program, he witnessed the shooting of the “real” Trowa Barton, son of the foundation's leader, Dekim, and took his name- and his job of Gudam Pilot.
In AC195, Trowa, the new Trowa, took part in Operation Meteor as part of a one-man cell, with the Gundam Heavyarms. He then, perhaps from recalled memory, infiltrated the circus his sister (who adopted him!) performed in. Trowa continued dropping in and out of the circus, alternately performing operations against the Earth Sphere Alliance and Oz, until the operation in Siberia, in which Oz successfully ambushed the pilots.
After a hiatus, Trowa left for space, and infiltrated Oz within it's test pilot program, operating the mobile-suit Vayeate. He then disappeared after an encounter with the Wing Zero, but briefly reappeared to fight the emergence of White Fang.
Like the other Gundam Pilots, Trowa took part in putting down the Christmas Uprising of AC196. Since Operation Meteor, he's lived within the circus with his sister.


Quatre Reberba Winner (04)

Age 15 years
Hair Platinum Blond
Eyes Blue
Height 5'1"/156 cm
Weight 90 lbs/41 kg

Quatre is the only male heir of the Winner Estate. He grew up on L4 under the care of his wealthy family until he disappeared before Operation Meteor. His father, perhaps out of shame, perhaps out of protection, kept his disappearance a close secret. So close, our sources didn't hear of it. It turns out, Quatre took part in Operation Meteor, with the assistance of forty-odd members of the Maguanac Corps, an Arab pirate band that, curiously enough, once kidnapped the child.
Quatre landed with his Gundam Sandrock in a desert region occupied by the Arab corps, and quickly engaged an ESA (Earth Sphere Alliance) legion in combat. Quatre continued assaults with the bandits until hooking up with 03 at Corsica. They then split, reasons unknown,
until reestablishing contact at the New Edwards Base. After that razing , they reunited for the ambush in Siberia, splitting again.
Months after this disaster, Quatre assaulted a spaceport in Southeast Asia, in a return to space with the other pilots. He'd initially
been spotted with 02 at this occasion.
His return home was just in time to see his father killed by Oz forces, and to have his family's assets temporarily confiscated by the new government. He then built a new mobile-suit, Wing Zero, and lashed out against all inhabitants of space.
He later reunited with all the other Gundam Pilots to put down White Fang, then resolved to hurl the Gundams into the sun once hostilities ended. It should be noted that Quatre reestablished his family's possessions before agreeing to abolish all weapons.
In the Christmas Uprising, Quatre successfully shuttled a rendezvous with the Gundams before they were incinerated. This feat gave the pilots enough power to put down the rebellion. He then took haste to destroy the Gundams once and for all.

Some more biographies

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.

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